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MORE Fun & Games for MUSIC LESSONS 2

Calling all teachers! Prepare to embark on an exciting musical journey with this fantastic resource!


Introducing the second book of More Fun & Games for Music Lessons 2 that will captivate your students while enhancing their learning experience. Whether you're in a bustling classroom, a cozy instrumental studio, or even teaching online, this gem is perfect for you!


But wait, there's more! We've included templates that you can effortlessly copy and distribute to your own students. No need to spend hours creating materials from scratch. With these templates, you'll make learning a breeze for your students as they grasp new concepts and reinforce familiar ones.


What can you expect? The topics cover everything from note and rest values to aural skills, rhythm pattern recognition, note reading in both treble and bass clef, dynamics, style, tempo, and even activities to boost motivation for music practice.


It's a comprehensive package that caters to primary/elementary class music and instrumental students ranging from beginners to Grade 3. Perfect for different learning styles, this resource is tailor-made for success.


Get ready to dive into the world of music with these captivating games!

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Fun and Games for music lessons

Attention, teachers!


Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with a valuable resource that will bring joy and engagement to your music lessons.


Presenting the latest edition of Fun & Games for Music Lessons—an exceptional collection designed to make teaching a breeze. But that's not all! We've included special templates that are yours to use exclusively with your own students. 


Discover a treasure trove of 21 captivating games suitable for various teaching environments, whether you're in the lively music classroom, the intimate music studio, or even conducting lessons online.


This comprehensive resource covers a wide range of essential skills. From mastering note reading to effortlessly learning new songs, building memory skills, exploring rhythm, discovering dynamics, delving into scales, improving breath control, inspiring practice methods, honing interval recognition, and developing aural skills—the possibilities are endless!


Fun & Games is suitable for both primary/elementary class music and instrumental students, from beginners to Grade 3. It's the perfect tool to keep your students engaged, focused, and excited about their music lessons.


But don't just take our word for it! Music Teacher Magazine describes this handbook as a fantastic collection “full of innovative and interesting games to play with students." 


So, don't miss out! Get your copy today and unlock a world of musical adventure for your students. Prepare to witness their enthusiasm soar as you infuse your lessons with the magic of Fun & Games!


Music card games


"A useful addition to any teacher's bag of tricks." (Music Teacher Magazine UK)


Have fun with these music card games,  suitable for beginner students to Grade 2. Great for studio lessons, classroom music, music camps and play at home.


Domino Fingering 

  • Match the fingering picture with the correct note letter name, and/or the correct staff notation 



Bags the Beat!

  • A game of speed teaching note values (all instruments) 


Chromatic Combo  

  • Teaches chromatic note recognition in different clefs

  • Includes enharmonic matching



Dynamic Dynamo

  • Match the dynamic symbol/Italian term with its English meaning, and try to keep the supercharged Dynamic Dynamo card in your hand!


Domino Treble Clef

  • Match the correct note letter name with the correct staff notation, if you’re lucky you’ll be able to play a wild card! Covers the lines and spaces of the treble clef

  • Great for classroom groups


Domino Bass Clef

  • Match the correct note letter name with the correct staff notation, if you’re lucky you’ll be able to play a wild card! Covers the lines and spaces of the bass clef  

  • Great for classroom groups





Parent & Student Guide for music card games use at home

Teacher Guide for music card games use in online lessons


Music Card Games Cheat Sheets (so anyone can play!)


Chromatic Combo Treble cheat sheet

Chromatic Combo Bass cheat sheet

Chromatic Combo Treble & Bass Cheat sheet

Domino Treble Clef cheat sheet

Domino Bass Clef cheat sheet

Domino Fingering flute cheat sheet

Domino Fingering clarinet cheat sheet

Domino Fingering trumpet cheat sheet

Domino Fingering trombone cheat sheet

Domino Fingering violin cheat sheet

Domino Fingering cello cheat sheet

Domino Fingering piano cheat sheet

Bags the Beat! cheat sheet

Dynamic Dynamo cheat sheet

Domino Fingering Piano by Karen North
Bags the Beat! by Karen North
Domino Fingering Flute by Karen North.jpg
Dynamic Dynamo by Karen North

About the Author


KAREN NORTH M. Mus., B.A. (Hons.), Dip. Ed. (Music).


Karen is a music teacher, mentor and book author. She is passionate about bringing music into the lives of children and adults and has enjoyed working in music education for the past 40 years.


Karen’s teaching has been described as creative and dynamic. She was Director of Music ... READ MORE

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