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I am SOOO in LOVE with the new flute music 🥳🥰great pieces!


Lovely collection.

Hats off to the composers!




Lyrical Flute Miniatures is a captivating collection of 40 short pieces for beginner and early intermediate flute players of all ages, exclusively commissioned from some of today's most exciting composers.


These musical gems offer a diverse array of musical styles, ensuring a rich and engaging journey into the world of flute music.


From lyrical melodies to lively dances, each piece has been crafted to nurture both technique and expressive playing, exploring the beauty and versatility of the flute.


There are biographies of all the composers at the end of the flute part, as well as notes and helpful performance suggestions for each work.


Free Flute and Piano recordings, and Piano backing tracks for every piece can be found on YouTube at  “theyoungfluteplayer” (no spaces) channel, see the playlist for Lyrical Flute Miniatures


Lyrical Flute Miniatures will delight students, flute teachers, and audiences alike, a valuable foundation for your Flute repertoire!


  • Contents: 40 pieces

  • Standard: Beginner & Early Intermediate level 

  • Key signatures: up to two sharps and three flats

  • Time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 2/2, 6/8 and mixed meter 

  • Pitch range: D below the staff to F on three leger lines above staff

  • Size: Flute part 52pp (includes composer biographies and performance notes); Piano score 108pp

The digital version (with Flute part PDF and mp3 Piano backing tracks) is available now.


The physical book is available in music shops worldwide.

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