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Welcome to Lyrical Flute Encores, the eagerly anticipated companion volume to Lyrical Flute Legends. In this book, we continue to explore the rich and diverse world of contemporary flute music, with 18 new works in a variety of styles that will inspire and delight intermediate level flute players.


These exclusive commissioned works showcase the creativity and innovation of some of today's most exciting composers, each bringing their unique perspective to the lyrical and expressive qualities of the flute. From haunting melodies to playful rhythms, the music in this collection is sure to captivate flutists and audiences alike.


You’ll find biographies of all the composers at the end of the flute part, as well as notes and helpful performance suggestions for each work. See sample pages of all the works here.

All pieces in Lyrical Flute Encores have free flute & piano recordings to listen to, as well as free piano backing tracks on YouTube to play along with.

Explore new musical horizons with this valuable addition to your Flute repertoire!


  • Contents: 18 pieces

  • Standard: Intermediate level 

  • Key signatures: up to four sharps and two flats

  • Time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 6/4, 6/8 

  • Pitch range: Middle C to B five leger lines above staff

  • Size: Flute part 48pp (includes composer biographies and performance notes); Piano score 84pp

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