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Fun & Games for Music Lessons

Fun & Games for Music Lessons


Attention, teachers!


Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with a valuable resource that will bring joy and engagement to your music lessons.


Presenting the latest edition of Fun & Games for Music Lessons—an exceptional collection designed to make teaching a breeze. But that's not all! We've included special templates that are yours to use exclusively with your own students. Yes, these templates are yours to keep and use to create an unforgettable learning experience.


Discover a treasure trove of 21 captivating games suitable for various teaching environments, whether you're in the lively music classroom, the intimate music studio, or even conducting lessons online.


This comprehensive resource covers a wide range of essential skills. From mastering note reading to effortlessly learning new songs, building memory skills, exploring rhythm, discovering dynamics, delving into scales, improving breath control, inspiring practice methods, honing interval recognition, and developing aural skills—the possibilities are endless!


Fun & Games is suitable for both primary/elementary class music and instrumental students, from beginners to Grade 3. It's the perfect tool to keep your students engaged, focused, and excited about their music lessons.


But don't just take our word for it! Music Teacher Magazine describes this handbook as a fantastic collection “full of innovative and interesting games to play with students." The praise speaks volumes!


Remember, Fun & Games is available here as a convenient digital download, and physical copies can be found at music shops. So, don't miss out! Get your copy today and unlock a world of musical adventure for your students. Prepare to witness their enthusiasm soar as you infuse your lessons with the magic of Fun & Games!


    This is a DIGITAL FILE with ONE download and ONE print per purchase.

    The PDF is sized to print on A4 paper. If you are printing onto US letter size, please select “Fit”.

    You are only authorized to print the number of copies that you have purchased. You may only copy the TEMPLATES for YOUR OWN STUDENTS ONLY.

    You may not digitally distribute this file in any form. You may not print more copies than purchased for use (i.e. you may not print individual copies for friends, students or others, and you may not digitally distribute to anyone). Unauthorized use is an infringement of copyright and may subject the user to penalties.


    This is a digital copy of the book. All DIGITAL SALES are final, as it is not feasible to return a digital product. Once sent, the digital product is deemed “used” and cannot be refunded as the data remains in your possession and there is no way to truly return a digital product.

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