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A great performance opportunity for ALL AGES and abilities!

The Lyrical Flute International Championship is open to students (including adults) from ALL COUNTRIES. There are Age Championships, Creative Presentation and an Ensemble Section.

We are very privileged to have a wonderful team of judges:

Sir James and Lady Galway

Ulla Miilmann

Viviana Guzmán

Joshua Batty

Click on each photo to read about our judges and the wealth of expertise they bring to the adjudication team:



results will be here on 22 November 2023 (AEDT)

Entrants are invited to submit a video of themselves playing ONE of the set pieces; entry is FREE.

There are PRIZES for each section and EVERY entrant will be emailed a Partcipation Certificate with their name on and signed by the judges.

Please read the rules carefully to make sure your video will be a valid entry!


What sections can you enter and what music can you play?



What are the Championship rules?





Entry Form and Your Video Upload







  • Please show the cover of your music at the start of the video

  • Please say your first name and the piece you will play

  • Your video must not be edited (except the visuals may be editied in the Creative Presentation Championship)

Enjoy preparing your entry; the judges look forward to listening to your performances!

After reading ALL the information, if you have a question, please email or use the CONTACT link on the bottom of this page.


Samples from some of the Creative Presentation entries in 2022

Samples from some of the Age Championship entries in 2022 & 2021

Sponsors & Prizes





Thank you very much to all our sponsors for donating vouchers for prizes in the championship; we very much appreciate their generous support. To visit a sponsor's website, please click on their logo.

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KBB Music
Noder.DK link
PMW Sponsor Lyrical Flute International Championship
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Rose Music Sponsor Lyrical Flute International Championship
Flute World link
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June Emerson

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A message from judges Sir James and Lady Galway to all participants in the Lyrical Flute Legends 2021 competition


The Young Flute Player Championship 2022

Thank you for all the wonderful entries for The Young Flute Player International Championship 2022.


The judges enjoyed listening to your performances and commented on the high standard of entries.


It was also exciting to see so many entries in the new Creative Presentation section. The judges were inspired by your creativity and wish to commend every entrant in this section


Thank you very much to our amazing team of judges; we are are very privileged to have their expertise and appreciate their time listening to all the videos and judging the performances:

Sir James and Lady Galway

Lorna McGhee

Joshua Batty

Dr. Brice Smith


Lyrical Flute Legends Competition 2021

The inaugural Lyrical Flute Legends virtual competition was held in September/October 2021. 


Entries were received from all corners of the globe with an excellent standard of performance.


We were very privilegd to have Sir James and Lady Galway as our expert judges.


Thank you to all participants and their teachers. The next Lyrical Flute Legends virtual competition will be held in September/October 2023.

Lyrical Flute Legends by Karen North

Lyrical Flute Legends was a FINALIST in the

NFA Newly Published Music Competition 2022!

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Sir James Galway listening to Lyricla Flute Championship entries

Sir James Galway listening to the entries.

It is such an honor to participate in your flute championship, play for your panel of judges, and especially to perform music from fellow female composers for wider recognition from your flute solo collection.

Caroline Gordon (USA)


Thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful contest. Sofia is very proud to become the winner of such a large-scale competition! 

Svetlana Milekhina (Russia)


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to students to perform for such inspiring judge Flautists. 

Carol Watson (Australia)


Thank you very much. We look forward to watching the videos. It was a lovely piece to learn & enjoy!




Cosimo Dhami-Hounsome (Channel Islands)


I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to you for organising this wonderful global event.

Sonia Croucher (Malaysia)


Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the competition. I really enjoyed playing through all the pieces in the book and having the backing tracks available on YouTube was very useful.

Julia Bearsley (New Zealand)


Erin is thrilled to have come second in this competition.  It's really given her a boost in confidence and has resulted in lots of practice over this week, which has been lovely to hear!

Gillian Johnson (UK)




My kids and I had SO MUCH fun recording! They’re having the best time learning with your books!


Sherene Nee (Australia)


This competition was an opportunity for my students to learn and perform compositions that, brought out the best in them as young musicians. The organization of the competition is excellent.


Tomislava Karačić Šoljić (Croatia)

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