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The 12 Keys of Christmas Challenge

The 12 Keys of Christmas Challenge


by Karen North for Flute or Treble Instruments

Here’s a fun activity for music lessons!


How many keys you can play for these two well-loved Christmas tunes? There’s a check list to mark off as you master each key.


Great for group or private lessons, and a fun sight-reading challenge, some easier keys for younger students and older students will enjoy mastering the harder keys!


Suitable for Flute or other treble instruments.


Enjoy the challenge!!


"This is a fantastic idea! I have already downloaded my book and will be issuing the challenge to my students." (Lisa)


This is a DIGITAL PDF CLASS LICENCE: Teachers are authorized to print copies for THEIR OWN students ONLY. No copies may be made for other students, other teachers, or any third party. These files must be used in their orginal form, you may NOT alter or edit the files in any way.

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    Product Policy

    CLASS LICENCE: You are authorized to print copies for YOUR OWN students ONLY.  These files must be used in their orginal form, you may NOT alter or edit the files in any way.

    You may NOT print copies for other students, other teachers, friends, or any other people. You may not digitally distribute this file in any form to anyone. Unauthorized use is an infringement of copyright and may subject the user to penalties.


    This is a digital copy of the book. All DIGITAL SALES are final, as it is not feasible to return a digital product. Once sent, the digital product is deemed “used” and cannot be refunded as the data remains in your possession and there is no way to truly return a digital product.

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