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The Young Flute Player Collection

The Young Flute Player collection has EVERYTHING you need to start playing flute!

All books follow a progressive learning structure, and contain technical exercises, performance pieces, fingering charts and more. Book 1 is designed to be a simple introduction to the basics of playing a flute, with Book 2 subsequently developing skills until the end of 2nd grade. Book 3 is the Teacher’s Book of piano accompaniment and duets, whilst Book 4 and Book 5 complement the tutor books with colour coded duets and trios, establishing ensemble playing skills. Book 6 is a tutor book for adult learners and teenage learners.

Festive Flute Fun is an extra book of solos, duets and trios from festivals worldwide. 




The 12 Keys of Christmas Challenge


Here’s a fun activity for music lessons!


How many keys you can play for these two well-loved Christmas tunes? 


Suitable for Flute or other treble instruments.


Enjoy the challenge!!

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There are also exciting new repertoire books for intermediate level players, Lyrical Flute Legends and Inspiring Flute Solos. These books have many works by living composers as well as great new arrangements of 19th and 20th century music.

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NEW repertoire collections for VIOLIN, CLARINET and SAXOPHONE:


  • Duets and trios - for Clarinet or Saxophone

  • Festive Fun - for Violin, Clarinet, Saxophone or Flute


  • Solo repertoire collections - for Violin or Clarinet

  • Festive Fun - for Violin, Clarinet, Saxophone or Flute

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What is The Young Flute Player?

Want something to inspire your beginner flute students? Want a tutor book that has EVERYTHING you need to start playing the flute?


The Young Flute Player (TYFP) is a collection of 6 books with comprehensive resources for teaching beginner players to master the flute. The books are perfect for either child or adult beginners and are user friendly, with easy to read notation, cartoon illustrations and music games. TYFP Book 6 is specifically written for adult and teenage learners. FREE recordings for all pieces.

The Young Flute Player by Karen North


Christine Lang

The Young Flute Player is the best book I have come across for absolute beginners … effortlessly it builds the student into a confident, fluent flautist.

Jane Paxton

I have used your tutor books for many years now and think that they are brilliant the way you pack so many good things in!

Paul Edmund-Davies

A delightful and thoroughly well thought through programme of learning for all ages, but in particular, young people.

Janet McKay

I enjoy using this series for my students, and have found them to be excellent tutor books for starting young flautists on their musical journey.

Shaun Barlow

I just needed to drop a line and say that all of my students who have started the year with your books are doing amazingly.

Karen North - The Young Flute Player

About the Author

Karen has taught flute for over 35 years, working with young children, adult beginners and more advanced music students. With a Master of Music Degree (University of New South Wales), a B.A.Honours Music Degree (University of Sydney) and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Music), Karen loves teaching both children and adults on the many aspects of learning to play the flute. Karen’s teaching career has included working at government and private schools with both primary and secondary levels. She has also presented workshops for teachers at many national conferences in Australia and overseas.