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Flute Certificate 100 Piece Challenge (CLASS Licence Digital Download)

Flute Certificate 100 Piece Challenge (CLASS Licence Digital Download)


A great incentive for your students is to give them a Challenge List.


Each time the student completes a piece (to your requirements), they can write the piece on their Challenge List.  Watch their excitement grow as they get closer to the end of their list, until they earn their Challenge Certificate!


Suitable for all ages and available in versions for 20, 30, 50 or 100 pieces (as individual certificates or bundle package).


CLASS LICENCE: You are authorized to print as many copies as you need of the Challenge List and Challenge Certificate for YOUR OWN students ONLY.  These files must be used in their orginal form, you may NOT alter or edit the files in any way.

You may NOT print copies for other students, other teachers, friends, or any other people. You may not digitally distribute this file in any form to anyone. Unauthorized use is an infringement of copyright and may subject the user to penalties


This PDF zip file includes:

Flute 100 piece Challenge List

Flute 100 piece Challenge Certificate


    This is a DIGITAL FILE with ONE download per purchase. You may print unlimited copies FOR YOUR OWN STUDENTS ONLY .

    These files must be used in their orginal form, you may NOT alter or edit the files in any way.

    It is suggested that the certificate should be printed onto a cardboard sheet if available.

    The PDF is A4 size to print on A4 paper. If you are printing onto US letter size, please adjust the printing options when you click on the “print” icon. Under “Page sizing” select “Shrink oversized pages” (if this is not available, select “Fit” or magnification to 94%).

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